Catch me Baby (2022)

Catch me Baby


Phat is the ultimate ‘Relationship Juggler’ under the guise of an executive assistant for Sia Wut who has multiple wives and girlfriends. Phat’s main job is to juggle each of the five women and ensure that none of them finds out about the other. Nothing is as easy as it seems, especially with the mysterious arrival of Cher, the new female executive assistant who later reveals herself to be an ‘Infidelity Detective.’ As Phat’s relationship juggling missions become more challenging, he employs the help of Pinky, his adopted sister with a performance edge; Jim, a fellow executive assistant; and Captain who happens to be Foie (Cher’s cousin)’s rival. It’s a cat-and-mouse game between Phat and Cher as their missions often intersect—making it hard to keep their feelings for one another strictly professional. The mission must go on—but will Phat be able to stop himself from developing feelings for the enemy?

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