Cupid’s Last Wish

Cupid's Last Wish

45 Min/Eps

Korn and Win are best friends. But after Win’s father dies, their friendship reaches a turning point and Win develops a grudge against Korn.

When Win and his sister Lin get into a car accident, he wakes up and finds himself in Lin’s body. The only way to fix it is to go collect holy water from four temples across Thailand with the aid of Korn. Can they fix the broken friendship and will another spark of feelings develop along the pathways of their adventure?

Episode 01UB | DD | HU
Episode 02UB | DD | HU
Episode 03UB | DD | HU
Episode 04UB | DD | HU
Episode 05UB | DD | HU
Episode 06UB | DD | HU
Episode 07UB | DD | HU
Episode 08UB | DD | HU
Episode 09UB | DD | HU
Episode 10UB | DD | HU
Sub Eps 1-10UB 
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